Social Media Marketing for the Contractor
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Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Are you a carpenter, contractor, roofing company, or mason?  Then you’ll want to read this.  Social Media Marketing for Contractors is a How-To on setting up your Facebook marketing.

5 Ways to Get More Customers using Facebook

You know you do great work and your customers know you do great work, but how do you get that out to the masses?  How do you get more customers? You’re great at what you do, but not so good at marketing?  We can help!

Potential customers are doing a lot of research online these days. They like to see your finished work and they ask for referrals!  They’re not likely to just take the first contractor they find in the phone book.

That’s why it’s so important to put together a social media marketing plan to help you get the word out about yourself and show off your work.  To help you do that, we’ve put together our top five tips for getting more customers through social media.

Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Facebook (personal page)

  1. Your own Facebook page is your online business card.  Keep things civil, clean and respectful.
  2. Do a spring cleaning.
    Clean out all the old “questionable stuff.”
  3. Everything you post will be scrutinized by the public.  It can make or break you.
  4. Use the “check-in” function.
    Anytime you go to a job site or a supply house – Check-in!
  5. Post periodic updates about what you do.

Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Show off your work.

  1. Take before, during, and after pictures.
  2. Take a picture of you eating lunch.  People want to see that you are human.
    • Have someone take a quick video of you as you do your craft.  Let viewers see you swinging a hammer, planting a tree, installing a faucet, etc.
    • It doesn’t have to be perfect.
    • Make sure the job site is CLEAN!

Facebook (Business Page)

  1. Create a business page.
  2. Give details about what you do.
  3. Put in your contact information.
  4. Ask for reviews from past customers.
  5. Give a list of what your specialty is.
  7. Add pictures and/or video of your finished work.
  1. Potential customers will potentially call your cell or send you a PM (Private Message) on Facebook.
  2. Try to answer and/or get back to them ASAP!  They are potential customers! If you get back to them promptly, you are more apt to get a job.
  3. Post regularly.  You can do a bunch of posts and have them “scheduled” to post at a later date/time.
  4. Best time to post is early am: 6-7am or 5-6PM.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Marketing for Contractors

  1. You can “boost” a successful post on the FB platform.
  2. You can target the market precisely who you want to see these ads.  FB has vast information on each user, and you can use this to your advantage.  Here are some ideas:
    • Zip Code (You can be very specific here- down to the mile)
    • Homeowner (You don’t necessarily want to be advertising to a renter)
    • Age (Choose an age that correlates with your current customer base, i.e. 45-75)
    • Income (Are you working on mansions? Choose higher salaries)
    • Interests (Here you can go crazy – choose people interested in “Home Improvement,” “Lowe’s,” “Home Depot.” Etc.)
  3. Don’t over-do it.  Spend a little at a time and see how successful it is. If it does well, throw more money on it. If it doesn’t, tweak it up a little and try again.

Facebook Groups

Contractors of Mass facebook





There are thousands of FB Groups out there.  People are continually looking for contractors in groups.

  1. Join as many as you want.
  2. Go to the Groups tab and search your town.
      • Every town has a group(s).
      • Join Contractors groups. — We are the admins of “Contractors of Mass.”   Our contractors get a ton of work from it!
        • Join Realtor Groups
          1. We are the admins of “SouthCoast Open Houses” and “Cape Cod Open Houses.”
          2. Realtors are ALWAYS looking for contractors.
          3. New Homeowners are or will be looking for you too!
        • Post your ad/business card etc.
        • Post your pictures and videos.
        • Know the rules of the group!  If you are unaware, ask the admins what is allowed. You don’t want to get banned.


    bathroom from a contractor

        1. Instagram is all about pictures!  This tends to be a bit of a younger demographic.
        2. Post pictures of your work!
        3. Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag!
        1. Use plenty of relevant hashtags.  Use 6-12 each post. Notice there are NO SPACES… #awesomecontractorinnewbedford
        2. Hashtag your name, your job, your town, etc.
        3. #HCCInsurance; #Insurance; #Newbedford; #NBMA; #Awesomesavings; #contractorsinsurance. Etc….

    Here are some ideas for you:

        1. #Licensedplumber
        2. #NewFaucet
        3. #Showertile
        4. #Newaddition
        5. #Roofing
        6. #lovemyyard

    Go crazy with them.  See what works. Search out that hashtag and see how popular it is.  Here is an in-depth article you might want to read titled Turning Instagram followers into buyers.

    We are happy to help!  In fact, we are looking for contractors to do “Spotlight Video Ads.”  We will help you develop an ad and boost it for you.  You get your name and face out in front of 5,000-20,000 potential new clients.”

    We have made countless mistakes on the FB ad platform.  Let us help you avoid them. Contact Us.

    Pete Covil, Humphrey Covil and Coleman Insurance, New Bedford, MA

Pete Covill is the person to talk to regarding your insurance questions or marketing on the Contractors of Mass Page.
(508) 997-3321

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