Protect your waterfront property
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Protect your waterfront property

It’s impossible to know where a hurricane will strike, but if history has taught us anything if you live on the coast, you know from experience that it can be devastating. So it’s important to protect your waterfront property.

You know too that weak tropical storms hitting the U.S. can cause significant impacts, particularly if it moves slowly and triggers flooding rainfall.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 – November 30th.

According to researchers, the 2018 hurricane season is expected to be “above average.” They are projecting 14-18 tropical storms & hurricanes.
Here is another fun tidbit for you… The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is set to expire on July 31st.  Smack dab in the middle of hurricane season.  After a brutal year last year, the NFIP currently owes nearly $25 Billion to the US Treasury and taxpayers for covering claims. So you can bet your flood policy will be going up AGAIN this year.

Congress needs to act

Congress needs to figure out what to do with the NFIP before then! Congress can reauthorize the NFIP,  renew it for a short period of time, or worst case scenario, let it lapse. In previous NFIP lapses, the government did not guarantee that reinstatements would be retroactive. So claims would not be covered and policies not renewed until Congress acts. This could hold up new home closings too.

Private Market Flood Insurance!

There is an alternative – Private Market Flood Insurance! We represent several carriers that write flood insurance outside of the federally backed NFIP program. We have seen tremendous savings 25-50% or more. We recently saved a client $6,500 on their flood insurance! It is the same coverage, same policy, same underwriting – just a whole lot less. And yes… all banks accept Private Market Flood.

do you live in the flood zone?

If you are in flood zone” VE”, (right on the beach) we can usually save you up to 25%. If you are in flood zone “AE,” we can save you up to 50% or MORE! We don’t even require that you have an Elevation Certificate. Although if your home is elevated, an elevation certificate can help. Here is the catch, Private Market Flood will not write you if you have had a prior flood claim on your property.

Do not wait until Congress acts or doesn’t act to reauthorize the NFIP. Do not wait until your policy is coming up for renewal. Call us today:  to see how much money we can save you.

Regardless of the forecast, it only takes one storm to claim lives and property.

Through the collaboration of leading organizations, this national hurricane resilience initiative to save lives in the disaster safety movement has been formed. You can learn more and how to become a partner by visiting the website.

Be ready, just in case download this helpful checklist below to Protect your waterfront property.

Protect your waterfront property


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