Massachusetts Renter's Insurance
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Massachusetts Renter’s Insurance

Massachusetts Renter’s Insurance

Renters insurance may seem like an extravagant purchase for many renters. For Massachusetts Renter’s Insurance families they may assume that they don’t have enough material goods to insure or that renters insurance is far too expensive to fold into their monthly budget.

But the truth is that not having Massachusetts renters insurance can cost you far more than you save.

See how this type of insurance works in your state before you entirely dismiss it.

Renters Insurance Covers Your Possessions

No matter how little you think you have in your life, you may want to consider what it would mean if you had to replace it all. From electronics to jewelry to clothing, it’s not going to be easy to put everything back the way it was if you don’t have any type of financial assistance to do so. Renters insurance is also excellent for covering your things even when you don’t happen to be in your rental. So if your tablet or laptop is stolen when you’re on a business trip from your car, you have some recourse to replace it. If you were hoping your auto insurance was going to cover this, then you may be out of luck. This is why having a Massachusetts renters insurance policy is important.

You’re More Liable Than You Think as a Renter

Just because you don’t own property, doesn’t mean that you’re not liable for events or mistakes that may occur. Throwing a party may seem entirely innocent — and certainly not a reason to stop and consider whether or not you have renters insurance. But if one of your guests leaves after having a few too many and causes a fatal accident on the road, you could be deemed partially responsible for the damage. This can happen even if you tried to stop the person from leaving in the first place! Massachusetts renters insurance can save you from the full costs of settling the claim or of hiring legal counsel to fight it.

Medical Expenses Are Covered

Medical expenses are an extension of the liability coverage of a standard Massachusetts renters insurance policy. It essentially ensures you have enough money to cover any potential medical expenses if someone on your property is injured. Medical coverage claims have a tendency to climb higher than people realize, especially when you consider the fact that it only takes one slip and fall to result in a catastrophic injury. If you happen to leave a cord out in the middle of a walkway and your friend trips on it, you may be expected to pay for their injuries. If they need surgery after the slip and suffer from chronic back pain for the rest of their lives, you may be on the hook for quite some time.

Pets Are Covered

If you happen to have a cat or dog, renters insurance will safeguard you from any potential liability claims against your pets too. (Hopefully, you’re starting to see by now that renters insurance has far more value than just replacing your Ikea furniture and old sweat socks.) When your pet is riled up, they may make mistakes (e.g., biting, scratching, etc.) due to their anxiety. Or sometimes a pet’s sheer size is the problem rather than their demeanor. Training can certainly go a long way to help, but it may not prevent every potential event. Having the right amount of protection against any claims against you can be exactly what you need if something does go awry.

There’s Very Little Assistance from the State

Massachusetts does make an effort when it comes to relocation assistance in the case of a fire. But unfortunately, the assistance is not likely to come anywhere close to helping you. If your hair dryer or electronic shaver sends the whole apartment up in flames, you’ll only get $750 (maximum) to help you move out and put your life back in order (called Tenant Relocation Expense). To find a new place and replace your things, you’re going to need a lot of extra help to keep your head above water. So unless you have relatives or friends that are dying to live with you (and vice versa), you might want to have more resources in place should the worst occur.

There’s no need to panic when it comes to renting but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead. While no one can force you to get Massachusetts renters insurance, few people will tell you it’s a waste of money. One of the best parts about it is that Massachusetts renters insurance is probably way more affordable than you think!

Pets for apartments

Now that you’ve learned a few things about apartment insurance it may be time to figure out what the best pet is to bring home to your new apartment. You might consider asking the property manager about pets that are currently living on the property. For a good post to read check out at best and worst pets for apartment living, some cool graphics that explain a lot.

Massachusetts Renter's Insurance

Big dog, small dog? The first thing to consider is the bathroom arrangements. With cats not so much of a problem.

Did you know there is over 10/6 million tons of dog poop discharged in the US by our furry friends?

Generally the larger the pep the more poop you will need to scoop up. This can make a big difference in the number of times you find yourself going up and down the stairs to the backyard.

Here’s the short list:

Dog Breed                  Pounds

Chihuahua.                 34.22 

Beagle.                       150.6

English Cocker Spaniel.   219.0

Boxer                         410.63

Mastiff.                      1,026.56

So there you have it, adding a pet to your apartment can be fun and rewarding, but knowing the facts can be helpful. Same with Massachusetts renters insurance, our agents are eager to help you with any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact us. Or call: 508-997-3321


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