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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are an exciting time, but without proper protection, what seems like a holly, jolly season can take a devastating turn for the worse. Keep these tips in mind when you’re planning for the upcoming holidays to make sure your home stays safe and sound.

Keep Travel Plans Private

If you’re traveling for the holidays, it may be compelling to tell friends, coworkers, and acquaintances while making small talk, but do your best to avoid this. Letting people know your house will be sitting unattended can be a recipe for disaster, putting your personal property at risk for theft and vandalism. Instead, keep travel plans close to the vest. Don’t post about your vacation plans on social media, share images of your time away from home before you return, or do things like allow mail or newspapers to pile up. The more you do to stay quiet about travel, the less of a target you will be.

Lean on Trusted Neighbors

If you are going out of town, it’s only natural to be a little nervous, particularly around the holidays. With expensive presents assumed to be in your home, you’re at greater risk of theft than you may be normally. While it’s advised to keep your vacation to yourself, informing a trusted neighbor can be a good way to ensure there’s a second set of eyes on your home should anything go amiss. Neighbors can also take on tasks like picking up your paper or mail if you choose not to put a hold on your account or pull into the driveway to leave tire tracks in the snow to create the illusion that someone is home.

Schedule Lights During Holiday Travel

Humphrey Covill and Coleman Insurance

A dark house is almost like an invitation to thieves, hanging a neon sign on your front door that illuminates your absence. However, putting your lights on timers can help alleviate this problem, recreating the look and feel of someone going about their day inside your house. Light timers are extremely affordable and are sold at any large retailer that sells lighting and lighting accessories, like Target or Home Depot. Timers can be used on any outlet in your home as well, making it easy to control lights throughout your property.

Monitor Property to Prevent Theft

Home burglars know that around the holidays, the average American tends to keep a larger-than-average inventory of valuables to be gifted, like computers and televisions – and this makes you a prime target. Instead of allowing Amazon boxes to pile up on your porch, take strides to minimize the likelihood of problems by using a P.O. box or Amazon locker for pick-ups and drop-offs. Nearly one-third of American (shocking) have their packages stolen in 2017, according to a news report from USA TODAY.

If you don’t already have a security system, consider investing in one; it’s always an advantage to have a record of the goings on at home.

Keep Light Displays Safe

Light displays are a wonderful way to show your holiday spirit, but when done wrong, the risks are immense. When hanging lights, avoid using nails or staples that could damage cords. Be sure light strands are relatively new and never run more than three light strings together. Check all outdoor outlets for signs of damage before plugging anything in. Take your lights down as soon as the season ends, too.

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but theft or damage to your home can put a damper on the festivities. By taking extra precautions to keep things safe, you can rest easy this season.  Happy Holidays!

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