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Puff Backs

PUFF BACKS –a malfunction in a furnace or boiler can create an oil film that can be circulated throughout the home via the heating system.  All interior surfaces as well as personal property are affected by a puff back.  Extensive and time-consuming cleaning will be required.  To prevent puff backs, have the furnace or boiler serviced regularly – at least yearly, and preferably just before the start of the heating season.



Chimney Fires

CHIMNEYS– chimney fires are a major hazard in the winter.  Have the chimney cleaned before the start of heating season to remove harmful and flammable creosote buildup.  Chimney fires can move from the chimney to interior walls, to rafters in attics, and to the roof itself, which can lead to catastrophic damage to a home.  Older homes can be even more susceptible to this as long term settlement issues can cause a chimney to pull away from the building structure over time, and mortar will deteriorate causing small openings in the chimney that hot gases and sparks can get through and into surrounding structures.